Top 5 Reasons to have a first look!!

It is a common practice for couples to maintain the drama of waiting until the ceremony for one another to see each other in their white dress. However, it is important that we understand its original significance: marriages were often arranged and brides would be 'given away' from her father's ownership property; thus creating an element of superstition around seeing your partner beforehand as if something bad could potentially follow them into marriage. It should always be respected by wedding vendors whether or not you choose to honour this tradition - but acknowledging where it comes from can help make modern weddings even more meaningful events!

A first look on your wedding day can be a momentous and meaningful opportunity - one that shouldn't go overlooked! If you're considering having one, there are numerous advantages to this special experience. Let's explore them together so you can make an informed decision for the big day.

A Moment Alone

A first look allows you to experience a special, intimate moment with your partner before the wedding ceremony. That private time can be invaluable in relieving pre-ceremony jitters and allowing for meaningful reflection on what this day means to both of you. With no one watching except each other, it's a truly unique opportunity that will stay with you long after the festivities are over!Paragraph


Flexibility is key to having a successful wedding. Unexpected events can throw off an entire timeline, so it's important to have breathing room - that way, you won't be sacrificing quality time with family and friends throughout the day. Choosing a "first look" moment allows all your special memories to still be captured without feeling rushed by a busy schedule!

Extra Party Time

Instead of stressing about squeezing in your must-have photos such as wedding party portraits and family portraits into a busy cocktail hour (This is easily the most stressful part of your wedding photos), why not incorporate a first look? This gives you more freedom to savor the moment and enjoy conversations with guests before dinner. The reception is then transformed from rushed "hello's" to an evening full of laughter, music and dancing!

extra couple portrait OPPORTUNITIES 

Get the best of both worlds! Schedule your couple portraits early in the day, allowing you to squeeze in a few stunning sunset and night shots when everyone is feeling energized. This will ensure your photos turn out relaxed and elegant without sacrificing any style or spontaneity.

Avoid Photo fatigue

On a wedding day, it's all too easy to suffer from photo fatigue. Why not beat the stress by doing your photos earlier in the day? A first look can help you get that part of festivities out of the way and still capture perfect pictures - with freshly done hair & makeup and genuine smiles fresh on everyone's faces! Afterwards, you'll be free to sit back, relax and enjoy yourselves while sipping a celebratory drink or two.

In conclusion, having a first look on your wedding day really can create the perfect stress free timeline. It’s not always about following tradition and there are tremendous benefits that come with setting aside the time for a private moment before your wedding ceremony starts. From deeper connection with each other to getting beautiful photographs without feeling rushed, taking part in a first look can be truly special. When my couples book with me at Jenna Davis Photography, I am able to utilize not just these five tips but many more to help them plan their perfect wedding day. If you’re interested in a stress-free experience, then inquire now to learn more! After all, it’s everything that you envision it to be and I can’t wait to help make it a reality!

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