How to get the most our of your wedding photography investment

How to get the most value out of your wedding photography investment 

Hey friends. Happy Tuesday!! Today’s Tuesday Tips is all about your investment in your wedding photography for your big day and how to make the most out of that investment. Your wedding photographer is one of the bigger investments you will make on your wedding day and is also one of the only tangible things you will get to take away. After years of photographing weddings and couples I have put together a few key takeaways for you so you can make the most of your investment.

1. Buffer your schedule 

Staying on schedule really plays a huge part in how many images you will receive from your photographer. If you are running behind that shortens the amount of time you have for pictures and it also adds unwanted stress. I can promise you that if you are stressed out on your wedding day it will become very difficult to enjoy your big day and that frustration shows in your images. There will always be something that happens on your wedding day that can put you off schedule so creating extra time in your timeline will really help to keep things running smoothly. A good way of keeping things organized and timely is to start early and hire a wedding planner!!

2. Plan your exit early

Now this may seem like a weird tip but guess what your wedding reception could last for hours and every hour you keep your photographer there is more money coming out of your pocket. Now as a photographer I can promise you that at least ½ of the wedding reception images you will never need or want to look at. A lot of couples plan for an exit to finish the reception like a sparkler exit. Here is a huge money saver DO THE EXIT EARLY and do it twice! Now hear me out you can get your bridal party and family rounded up for a fake exit. Have a group of people come out with you once all of the reception events are covered and you have had at least an hour of candid dancing time and do a fake exit. Your photographer can capture that and leave. Saving you possibly 2-3 hours of coverage time and MONEY that you don’t need to spend. You can still do the real send off at the end with all of the guest’s but you really won’t notice a difference in your final images if you choose to have a fake one earlier in the evening. 

3. Take advantage of a second photographer

Now most photographers offer a one or two photographer package. Some may not and some may only offer two which is great. If you are trying to make the most of your wedding photography having a second photographer is always key. You get double the amount of images and they also capture a lot of key in between moments that are happening while your primary photographer is focusing on you. I always ask my second to capture guest reactions during big moments like when the bride walks down the aisle and first dances while your primary photographer captures the romantic images of you the couple. I also have my second shooter  capture cocktail hour and guest group shots while we are photographing family formals and bridal party after the ceremony. Having a second photographer also is key during the beginning of the day. When you are getting ready separately your main photographer will be with the bride and the second photographer with the groom. This guarantees no key shots will be missed and you get double the images! 

4. Invest in a wedding album and prints

So your wedding is over and all of the planning and hard work is done. Now what? Your wedding memories are timeless and you want to preserve for years to come. It’s a time in your life you will want to relive and be able to share with family, friends and future children. Invest in your first heirloom together by investing in a wedding album. A wedding album will allow you to be able to look back on your big day in the most vivid way possible. You will be able to see start to finish and have all of your favorite moments on print that you can keep for years and years. You can pass this down to your future children for them to love and cherish and albums are great gifts for family members as well. Yes it is more money to spend but it is the best way to keep your wedding memories alive and it allows you to be able to view them over and over again. Digital files can be lost or lose value over time but print images will be the only thing that increases in value years later. 


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