How to make your wedding day unforgettable

How to make your wedding day unforgettable

Your wedding day should be unforgettable. Here are some moments to consider including

Your wedding day should be unforgettable. There are so many moments thar unfold and most couples desire those RAW unfiltered moments. But can I let you in on a secrete? A lot of those moments are carefully thought out and curated to achieve those memories. Let’s take a look at some ideas to include on your wedding day besides a first look with your person.

Father Daughter First look

A Father Daughter first look to me is one of the most special moments you can include on your wedding day to make it unforgettable. Dads are going to be most proud fan. He has been dreaming of this moment probably longer then you have. You can wait to see him right before you walk down the aisle and plan a few extra seconds to have that moment where he sees you for the first time as a bride. Or you can choose a time before the ceremony to take a few minutes to share this experience. Regardless of what you choose this will for sure get those tears flowing. This moment can also be with mom, a grandparent, a sibling. Whoever that special person is in your life that has been their supporting you since day one.

First look with Bridesmaids

Now take this idea and use it with your bridesmaids. If you were unable to have your squad at your dress fittings consider having a first look with them. Now if they have seen you in the dress before the wedding day this may not fit. However these are your people and your biggest hype people. This can be a really fun moment.

Mom zipping up the dress

So for me this was the moment that started my tears on my wedding day. I am super close with my mom and knowing that Dad’s get to have a lot of personal moments during the wedding day I knew I really wanted this moment to be with my mom. Mom’s tend to be our best friends. I think it’s super important to find ways to make them feel special and appreciated and this is one of the top ideas.

Mother of bride zips her daughter into her wedding dress

Photo Dash

The Photo Dash is a new trend that couples are starting to incorporate during their receptions. A lot of couples request table shots of their guests but why not take it to a new level and create a fun experience for everyone. Now the trend is to play a song and you have a small window of time to go to each table to get a picture with that group. This creates fun laughs and allows for you to get a photo with every guest without taking away to much time from the more candid events like dancing. This is also a way to greet your guests without needed to go around and greet each table during dinner.

Night Portraits

Night Portraits are a fun way to get another set of couple portraits during the day. It adds a bit of fun flair to your gallery and can really be a fun way to include more style of fun props like sparklers.

Nighttime portrait of bride and groom with sparkler light trail surrounding them

The Send off

A fun thing to include on the wedding day is a send off at the end of the night. Traditionally couples opt for a sparkler send off. However with some venues not allowing sparklers couples have gotten creative and have opted for other options such as:

  • Bubble Send off
  • Wish Lanterns
  • LED light sticks
  • Fireworks
  • Fake candle walk through
  • Private last dance or as a group

Bride & Groom Toast

Now if you have ever been to a wedding you know there is an order to events when it comes to the wedding reception. Typically this looks like The blessing, Maid of honor speech, Best man speech. But have you considered a bride and groom toast? I think a great way to capture guest expressions and to make the wedding feel significant is for the bride and groom to say a few words to their guests. My husband and I took this opportunity to thank our families, bridal party and vendors. it’s also a great way to call out other Signiant celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries or to acknowledge family or friends who couldn’t be physically present.

Private Vow reading

Now you can choose to do this together or you can do it with something like a wall or doorway separating you. This is a great moment to capture if you have a videographer but it really creates and intimate moment between the two of you. Reading your vows to each other before the ceremony creates a more special way to share those words and feelings together. This can also be letters if you choose not to write personal vows. Or a first touch instead of a first look.

The midway kiss

Now we all want the kiss as soon as we say I DO. But there is another kiss that couples love to capture and that is taking a kiss as your walking down the aisle as newly weds. you stop halfway, kiss and capture the moment and your guests watching in the background.

Parent Anniversary Dance

This is a new trend that I am really loving. Couples have been opting to add dances for their parents after the father daughter, mother son dance. They play their parents wedding song and allow them to dance together in front of your wedding guests. It’s a great way to give Mom and Dad a special recognition and it tends to be another tear jerker for everyone!

I hope you found some inspiration when you are thinking about your wedding day and how to achieve those raw moments that make a wedding day unforgettable. Please reach out if you would like more planning tips from! More ideas can be found here at the knot for 2024 trends to look out for!

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