A Garden Maternity Session

Holly & Steve

Holly & Steve's maternity session was one that tugged at everyone's heartstrings. After years of infertility issues and heartbreaking miscarriages, the couple had finally felt comfortable announcing to the world that they were expecting a baby. As their photographer, I couldn't have been more thrilled for them!

We held the session in the beautiful gardens of Hampton Historical House in Towson Maryland. The atmosphere reminded me of a European villa with its soft florals and lush green grasses—the perfect backdrop to this special moment in Holly & Steve's lives. We opted for gender-neutral colors and chose clothing with pastel hues so as not to give away what they were having before they wanted to announce it themselves.

The shoot was incredibly emotional; you could feel all of their excitement, happiness, and relief in every picture we took together during those two hours. At one point during our time together Holly even started crying out of pure joy when she realized that her dreams were actually going to come true after all these years—it truly brought tears to everyone’s eyes on set!

I am so happy for Holly & Steve; no one deserves parenthood more than them! Their story is an inspiring reminder that patience pays off: if you keep believing, anything is possible!