Glamourous Four Seasons Wedding in Baltimore MD

A Glamourous Four Seasons Wedding in Baltimore MD

Chetali and Neerav’s Glamours Traditional indian Wedding at The Four Seasons Baltimore 

This time last year looked a lot different for me than this year. Last April kicked off my 2019 wedding season. It was beautiful warm weather after a pretty cold winter  but also brought some crazy winds. This April I am socially distancing with the rest of the world as we battle Covid-19 and doing our part in the fight against the Coronavirus. This means for me lot’s of inside time and really taking the time to celebrate 2019 couples and their upcoming anniversaries. So to kick it off Happy Anniversary to the Patel’s!! This wedding will officially be published June 3rd on Aisle Planner and I am soo excited! 

The Couple-

Chetali and Neerav are pretty good friends of mine at this point. Chetali is one of my Fiance, Nick’s co-workers which is how she found me when she was looking for a wedding photographer back in 2018. (OMG how time flies!) We have spent two years getting to know each other and these two are quite a pair. Chetali is an engineer and Neerav is a doctor. They are both insanely busy people but also two of the most fun energetic people. Despite being busy and sometimes working opposite shifts Chetali & Neerav always find time to go out and have date nights, spend time with family and friends and they really keep the ones they love close to them. They are so kind and always make you feel included even if you are a complete stranger to their world. I always find myself ready to have a good time when seeing them and I love how infectious their fun loving spirits are. 

The Wedding-

Thursday was the traditional Henna,night, The Mehndi. The groom’s name is hidden in the bride’s henna and the groom has to find it. The henna color is an indication of how much the groom loves the bride (the darker the color the more he loves her).

Friday night was Sangeet night where all the families and friends get together to do an auspicious dance to celebrate the good times.

Saturday was the official wedding day for the two! Now these two love birds were my first couple of the year to tie the knot in 2019. The newly Mr & Mrs Patel planned a traditional Indian wedding with three days of celebration filled with love, smiles and LOTS of dancing.

It was an elegant affair at the Four Seasons Hotel in the Baltimore city where they live. The Four Seasons is a beautiful hotel in the heart of downtown Baltimore. It overlooks the beautiful harbor and busy streets. There is a very electric atmosphere downtown and the Four Seasons is one of the biggest attractions of the city known for their night light and amazing accommodations. The style of the wedding was timeless and bright featuring a color palette of  Peach, coral and green! Chetali looked like a goddess. She was so happy to celebrate with her family and bridesmaids before the first look. She gave her ladies a little shake for luck & good fortune before heading off to see her man!!

Neerav was also getting ready at the Four Seasons with his family by his side. His details were bold with pops of color. He looked very timeless and his smile truly lights us a room. His excitement and warm personality is super infectious but my heart truly melts when I see the way he looks at his now wife.

It was one of the windiest days we had all year. We truly had to brace ourselves when venturing outside. But that didn’t stop the pair from having their intimate first look out by the pool on the roof of the Four Seasons which overlooks the Baltimore Harbor. It is truly a spectacular view! The two braved the strong winds and shared a romantic first look that was like something out of a fairy tale. The two were so incredibly happy and overjoyed to see each other it was like time stood still and the wind wasn’t even a factor. They really killed their wedding portraits and were a joy to work with.

Once we had a chance to capture the bridal party and family the groom celebrated by taking a water taxi ride with all of his friends and family. They then took the party to the promenade where it became a celebration in the streets. This tradition is known as the Baraat. A traditional celebration for the groom. A Baraat sets the mood for the rest of the marriage event, with upbeat and exciting songs blasting as the Groom makes his way through the procession.( There was even a drummer and DJ!) The Bride and her girls watched from the balcony above cheering as guests arrived for the ceremony and the party made its way inside.

 The vibrancy of the two personalities came through in every detail during their wedding weekend, most notably the captivating floral arrangements and glamours traditional wedding attire. The celebration really captured the love Chetali and Neerav had for one another. The ceremony room was full of lush flowers, bright pinks and ivorys. The couple enjoyed a fun weekend filled with laughs, music, and so much love as they danced and celebrated

After the ceremony guests enjoyed cocktail hour while our sweet couple changed out of their traditional wedding attire to outfits more comfortable for dancing and partying the night away. (Quote from the bride “the reception is just a time to break loose and dance and because the wedding outfit is so heavy we had to change”) Before reappearing to be announced they shared one last private moment outside on the promenade for some quick sunset portraits! The two then made their way back inside to join their guests and wedding party.

The reception was full of soft romantic pastels and flawless details from head to toe in the ballroom. The night was elegant  and timeless with the most amazing details, food and traditional dances performed by the couples family and bridal party. The newly weds danced the night away as they celebrated with friends and family from all over the world and enjoyed one of the most magical weddings I have ever experienced.

A Big Congratulations Mr & Mrs Patel & Happy Anniversary!!!  Love you guys! 

A BIG thanks to all of the vendors!

Venue- Four Seasons Baltimore

Florist- Vanitha Kuppalli

Decorator-Style with Maria

Makeup- Glow by Herneet

Catering-Ind Aroma

Cake – Cake by Jason

Video-Digital Pride Production

Event Planner- CG&CO Events

Dj & Entertainment- DCS Platinum

Henna- Roma’s Henna Designs 




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