3 Reasons Why wedding photography should be a priority

3 Reasons why wedding photography should be a top priority



One of the biggest regrets married couples will tell you is not investing in their wedding photography. Today we are going to talk about why this investment is one of the most important ones when planning your wedding.

Wedding photographers are sometimes the thing couples skimp on. Either because of the financial cost or because they don’t feel like pictures are part of their top priority. Obviously I am  speaking from the wedding photographers point of view here but I want to give you a few key takeaways on why you should make the investment and not skimp on your wedding photography experience.  


  • Your wedding photographer takes stress away from the big day. A good wedding photographer will have plenty of experience with shooting weddings. They will be able to help you with the timeline of your wedding day. They know where the best light is for pictures and they know how to wrangle a crowd especially during family portraits (They can be quite stressful) They know how to ensure you receive the best images possible. If you hire a true professional whose work you connect with you know you won’t have the stress later and won’t have to worry about not loving your final images. If you take the risk of hiring a family friend or someone who may be just starting out you run the risk of having blurry images, images that are too light or too dark or moments that were completely missed. Trust me these are things that will happen if you take that risk.


  • Your wedding photographer will undoubtedly become your best friend. You will spend the majority of your wedding day with them and if you choose to do an engagement session beforehand they will be one of the only vendors you will be able to form a relationship with before the day of the wedding. Your wedding photographer is the person who will be honest with you because they want you to be happy with what you see in the images later. So if the hair isn’t perfect or the makeup needs adjusting or one of the groomsmen refuses to take their phone out of their pocket you know your wedding photographer will be there to tell you like it is. We want you to feel and look perfect so you look back at your memories and you are still excited and happy about the choices you made. Also, your wedding photographer gets to know you so well the poses you like, your “good side” (ladies you know what I am talking about!) They are going to be the vendor you trust most and more than likely will be the person you call to capture all of your life’s big memories! I can’t tell you how many couples I have photographed and then years later am still photographing. Family sessions, newborn sessions you name it I am there GO TO! 


  • Your wedding images are one of the only tangible items you get to take away from your wedding. Yes you have the dress (You probably will never wear it again) and maybe some decor. But your wedding images will last a lifetime. They will become one of the first heirlooms you can give to your future children. They make great gifts for family and friends. They are memoires you get to look back on and use to relive your special day over and over again. They are invaluable and they are the investment which only increases as time goes on. These beautiful moments tell your story. You also will get to experience moments you missed. Your wedding day is full of little in between moments and it’s so fun to get to look back on everything that happened during the day, even when you didn’t know they happened! Your photographer captures the moments you miss!! They are providing you with a keepsake and that can be seen as invaluable!! 


Now these are just my top 3 reasons why you should be considerate when booking your wedding photographer and why you should invest in one that connects with you and your vision of your wedding day! I encourage you to research photographers that you like. Reach out, and don’t be discouraged by the price tag. You can always make wiggle room and save in other areas or even ask about payment plans.

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