Covid-19 but make it fashion- Angela & Darren’s Historic Mount Vernon Engagement

Covid-19 but make it fashion

Angela & Darren’s Historic Mount Vernon Engagement Shoot



Hi.. Have you started going crazy yet? Here is where I would insert a sarcastic LOL but really I must admit I have been going a little stir crazy. I have been dying to get back out and shoot amazing couples and weddings. 


Unfortunately weddings here in Maryland are still a no (Well at least large weddings) Weddings of 10 people is ok?? Or is it? To be honest I am not even sure what our regulations are anymore…

However, we did lift shelter in place and small businesses can start operating again. So I took advantage and used the opportunity to shoot my first engagement session of the Covid-19 season and WOW it did not disappoint! 

Angela & Darren are a fun vibrant couple originally from New Orleans (now based in Maryland) who have unfortunately had their wedding plans affected by the Coronavirus and Maryland’s restrictions. They will be one of the couples who opt for a small intimate wedding this June and will have a larger party later when friends and family can join. 

Angela is a fabulous fashion designer who has been using this time to create masks which she has so graciously donated as well as creating some one of a kind statement piece masks for the fashion forward crown to enjoy. She designed and made the dress she’s wearing in this shoot along with her matching mask and I must say both are beautiful and oh so romantic! 

Darren is a MBCT Therapist, Certified Life Coach,and  Ayurvedic Palmistry Expert. BuCare also is an Educator in Tarot Cards as well a Reader. He is also very fashion forward and opted for a very cool, almost modern day 50s style look. Together the two of them really created a fun vintage vibe for the shoot.

We met in Historic Mount Vernon, Baltimore which is known for its beautiful historic architecture, churches and monuments such as the Washington Monument which is the centerpiece of this charming neighborhood. It was the perfect backdrop for this couple and really complimented their unique timeless style and vintage look. I must say I am in love with this session and how unique it is. To end our time together we of course had to get a staple mask picture to show a sign of the times. These two killed their session and really inspired me to get back to business!

Just to note: We were the only people in the area, we stayed 6 ft apart and yes I also wore my mask 😉

Please check out these two talented people!





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